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Just because we decided to be together does not mean that we agree to complete submission to each-others’ needs. There are times when I choose to do my own thing. Times when I’m away from home for long or short periods. With kids around there are often times when their needs are much more pressing.
By choosing whether to focus on what you dislike or what you like, you create your own experience and attitude towards your partner. Life looks quite different when you focus on what you like rather than what you don't. Your partner hasn’t changed, only your focus and this is something you choose.
Date night is standard advice for parents looking to reconnect as a couple. Every week you find someone to take care of the kids and then spend a wonderful evening and night together. After a few hours you feel like young lovers again and all the stress and strain of life will be gone. Yeah, right!

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Pillars of a Successful Relationship

Over your years of parenting and being together I am sure you have a dream of how you want your relationship to be. In our own journey we discovered four pillars to guide us. 


Do you find each other fascinating? How does being together serve you? In what ways do you turn each other on? 


What is your Life Vision? Are your personal and parenting values aligned? What does your heart long for in this relationship?


Do you create quality time together? Are you a priority for each other? How do you balance all the different aspects of your life?


Do you tell each other honestly what’s going on for you? Do you really listen? Do you know how to solve the inevitable conflicts? 


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Our aim is to support parents build a healthy couple relationship.

Our children are important, no doubt about it. But you know if you are not taking good care of yourselves and your relationship it is hard to take good care of your kids. 


We are parents, trainers in Nonviolent Communication and Solution Focus coaches.

Add our experience working with parents, couples and educators and it means we offer unique insights and tools to support you create and maintain a healthy intimate relationship as well as being great parents.