parents and lovers

Ian and Monica

We are both trainers in Nonviolent Communication and trained Coaches. We have been married since 2009 and have a daughter (plus two children from previous relationships).

We live in Bucharest, Romania and have been working together to support parents and couples communicate more effectively and build high quality relationships. 

We offer a variety of support to parents through workshops, retreats, online and individual work. 

We would love to say we easily and quickly found happiness and a healthy relationship because we are soul mates. In truth, it has taken a lot of work and navigating several very tough moments and periods. In the process we have learned a lot and now want to pass on some of this learning to others.

One thing that has especially helped us is Nonviolent Communication (also known as Compassionate Communication). It is an approach to relationships with ourselves and with others that has given us the skills and thinking that allows us to reach through to each other even during the toughest of situations. Our work is infused with ideas and techniques from this methodology.  

Ian Peatey

Originally from the UK, Ian has lived in Eastern Europe (Poland and Romania) since 1994. He has a business background and is known for his calm presence, ability to get to the essence, rationality and humour. 

Monica Reu

From Romania, Mona is well known in Romania as an expert in parenting and has been frequently on TV, radio and many conferences. She is passionate about parenting and is known for her inspiration, generosity, warmth and heart.