An Interview with Alexandru Moldovan

This week something a little different.

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Alex Moldovan, an entrepreneur and NVC trainer from Cluj-Napoca in North West Romania. I’ve know Alex a few years and always enjoyed how he relates to his wife and daughter, so I was curious to find out more. 

I found many insights and great ideas in this interview. Here are some gems I extracted for myself:

  • being with someone you love has a natural flow of desire and our main job is to clear out the obstacles that might get in the way
  • improve decisions by finding all the needs that are affected by it
  • scoring points by winning arguments or proving I’m right makes no sense when I’m in relationship for the long term
  • get to a place of health where conflicts can be solved in front of children – sometimes including them when they are impacted
  • have an understanding of each other that is large enough to encompass our differences
  • set examples for our kids through behaviour not words.

Alex also shared his Top 3 Tips for a successful relationship:

  1. Never stop getting to know each other
  2. Live in the present and don’t allow the past to keep you stuck
  3. Communicate. 

Read a transcipt of the interview HERE or watch the complete interview below (it’s a recording of a Zoom call and not a professionally made video):


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