Many people I talked to have told me what a difficult time 2020 has been. However there have also been good things amongst the bad. I want to hold life and my relationship as something overall beautiful, bright, joyful and precious - within which are sometimes dark spots and challenges to deal with.
This is the second in a series of interviews of people I really admire to get some insights into how to balance relationships and parenting. This week an interview with a dear friend and colleague, Robert Kržišnik, author and NVC trainer from Slovenia who currently lives in an eco-village in Israel.
Anyone who is in an intimate relationship has undoubtedly explored together the question of what love is. We have developed something we call the Five Elements of Love. Presence. Kindness. Compassion. Joy. Freedom. We found it easily accessible and everyone we work with enjoys the clarity it brings.
Having support enables us to more easily handle the challenges of life and love and so, more likely to thrive, rather than simply survive. More and more people are moving to urban areas and this is changing the face of our communities and requires us to redesign how we approach our support systems.
We started watching 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' on Netflix and were instantly hooked. Straight away I appreciated the lightness and inner spaciousness brought by starting a few simple first steps. It struck me how the process of physical decluttering had a transformative side-effect on the couples. 
We recognised the need to approach this period of coronavirus consciously and to take steps to ensure we were taking care of our relationship.We decided to establish routines and practices to organise time and space. I would like to share what we established and maybe you find something useful here.
This week something a little different. Recently I made a Zoom interview with Alex Moldovan, entrepreneur, friend and an NVC trainer from Cluj-Napoca in North West Romania. I've known Alex a couple of years and always enjoyed how he relates to his wife and daughter. So I was curious to find out more.
With the arrival of children, even the best relationships will experience strain. The Four Pillars are the foundations on which a relationship stands and they need to be consistently taken care of or the relationship risks falling over. The Four Pillars are time, direction, desire and communication.
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