As parents we both want to keep a loving and mutually respectful relationship with our daughter while guiding her to learn what she needs to be a thriving adult and venture into the world in a few years. Our parenting styles complement each other as we prepare for the next challenge - teenage years.
Within all the turmoil of this year of pandemic, children need something to hold onto – as do us adults. Christmas is one thing that is familiar and a source of happiness. For most of us it has shed its religious meaning and instead become a time of and for the children. A celebration of childhood.
Vulnerability is often confused with weakness. To be vulnerable is to open myself and reveal my inner world – my tenderness, my weaknesses, fears, mistakes, hopes, secrets and dreams. It is this revealing that is being vulnerable. Showing my vulnerability shows my humanity and willingness to be seen.
In the important relationships in my life I don’t want to be only good enough. I want to be the best I can be. I refuse to settle for mediocracy in my marriage or in my parenting. At the same time, I don’t want to strive to be perfect. I aim to be in the space in between ‘good enough’ and ‘perfect’.
One area that couples can struggle with is agreeing how to raise the kids. It is probably the biggest ‘project’ you will undertake as a couple and it makes for a much smoother life for you and for your children when you agree on the fundamentals. Here is a 7 step approach to your Parenting Manifesto.
Most of our articles are focused on the couple relationship of parents. I don't want to overlook children in our lives and an area I will explore further is about how to bring your parenting approaches to alignment. To get in the mood I want to share a famous poem from 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran.
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