Proven Tools

Our downloadable kit is practical, fun and flexible. You will get a printable set of exercises, cards and materials to help you rediscover each other and deepen your relationship. 

Ideally both parties in the relationship will use the kit but it can also be done solo. 

assess the Relationship

Tool to help check where you are as a couple and areas to work on.

create your vision

Worksheet to set your long-term vision and direction as a couple.

discover each other

Question and Challenge cards to learn about each other in fun and easy ways. 

practice Gratitude

Exercises to bring positivity, appreciation and gratitude into your life. 

Develop strong habits

Set and monitor habits to transform and maintain the health of your relationship. 

get Lifetime access

Buying the Kit gives lifetime access to all future updates.  

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users of the Kit say:

The Assessment and Vision parts created the ground for a lot of discussions about our relationship while the Challenges provided with new, interesting and exciting ideas to connect. The Gratitude ritual for me is very special, I find it useful and rewarding in general and even more in our relationship is something to be nurtured.

Adela P.

The Assessment of the relationship status is a wake-up call, Habits is something easy and quick to improve your life and your relationship and the Cards are fun and yet deep if you are paying attention to the details.

Razvan P.

I loved the Vision part! I already had a vision about our relationship, but it was vague and not really updated, I don’t want us to reach a point where we are just roomies, parents or ‘logistics partners’, so I enjoyed making a conscious vision and I also enjoyed (my husband’s).

Andreea S.

We now have a special time slot for the Connection Kit (when our son is doing a robotics class) which gives us regularity and a sense that this type of conversation is part of our life, and not something that comes up every few years, when things reach a critical point. The more time we spend discussing, the more connected we are and after the 3rd or 4th time using the Connection Kit I can see progress in the way we connect to each other.

Maria S.