An Interview with Robert Kržišnik

This is the second in a series of interviews of people I really admire to get some insights into balancing relationships and parenting.

This week is an interview with a dear friend and colleague, Robert Kržišnik, author and NVC trainer from Slovenia who currently lives in an eco-village in Israel. Robert has led a very colourful life that he wrote about in his wonderful book ‘This Miraculous Life’.

I found this interview both insightful and full of inspiration. Watch the full video or read the Transcript

To give you a taste, here are Robert’s Top 3 Tips for a successful relationship:

  1. Sense into what you are grateful for and express this to your partner
  2. Fully support each other in your individual journey of life
  3. Spend quality time celebrating life and having fun. 



If you missed the first interview you can find it HERE


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